Results Driven. Relationship Focused.

Since 1939, ColumbiaNational has provided competitive debt and equity solutions to owners of institutional quality commercial real estate. ColumbiaNational maintains loan origination offices in Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland. The loan servicing and asset management functions for the $6.6 billion commercial mortgage loan portfolio are performed in the Columbia, Maryland office.

Questions and Answers with Justin Brindger on Life Insurance Debt Heading into 2024

Question: Why is life insurance debt so appealing heading into 2024? Answer: As we kick off 2024, life insurance companies will be a reliable source of capital, particularly for fixed-rate loans. Banks and debt funds have reduced their lending due to liquidity issues on their balance sheets and problems with floating-rate loans in their portfolios.…

Singular Focus

ColumbiaNational has always dedicated itself exclusively to arranging capital for commercial and multifamily real estate owners. Our goal is to analyze, underwrite, structure and close transactions with the most competitive terms available in the market. We deliver on our borrower’s financing objectives and do it with highly personalized service. We are transaction professionals and we are commercial real estate capital specialists.

Track Record

ColumbiaNational has been in business for 84 years and has closed more than $9.0 billion new loans since 2016. Over $6.5 billion of those loans were closed using our FHA platform or with our Correspondent Life Insurance Company lenders. We have also successfully executed multiple transactions with Regional Banks, Community Banks, Money Center Banks, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Pension Funds, REITS, CMBS Lenders, and Debt Funds.


ColumbiaNational has a team of exceptional professionals with decades of commercial real estate finance and capital markets experience. We are constantly expanding relationships and refining our capital sources. We know the current pricing, credit parameters, and loan terms available in the market. Our expertise includes a comprehensive understanding of valuation, loan structuring, approval processes, and closing requirements.